Blood Brothers: Freedom Ride


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1993, 55 Minutes.

Outspoken leader Charles Perkins grew up on a reserve, separated from his relatives. He was shunned by white Australian society and his early experiences of racism spurred him to go on to university and to challenge racial inequality.

One of the first Aboriginal people to graduate from university, he soon came to the forefront of direct action against oppression and injustice, leading the 1965 freedom rides that challenged apartheid practices in northern NSW.

Freedom Ride takes Charles Perkins back to Moree and Walgett and uses newsreel footage and dramatic reconstructions to retrace his story. The program was directed and produced by his daughter Rachel Perkins; his son Adam Perkins plays Charles as a young man.

Produced by City Pictures in association with SBS Indigenous Unit. Made with the participation of the Australian Film Finance Corporation. Developed with the assistance of the NSW Film and Television Office.


Producers: Ned Lander, Rachel Perkins (Producers); Jenny Day (Co-producer)

Writer/Director: Rachel Perkins

Year: 1993

Running Time: 55 Minutes

Classification: Exempt from classification

Region: 0

Curriculum Links: Australian History; Indigenous Studies; SOSE/HSIE; Australian Curriculum English K–10 Syllabus, Stage 5 - Insights into Aboriginal experiences in Australia; Justice/Legal Studies. Of particular relevance for NSW History Stage 5, Topic 7 'People Power and Politics in the Post-war Period'.

Featured People: Charles Perkins, Jim Spigelman, Jon Cassidy, Harry Hall, Bob Brown, Bill Lloyd, Edna Craigy, Lyall Munro Jnr, Phillip Hall, Adam Perkins


Australian Biography: Charles Perkins

Blood Brothers

Australian Biography Online

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