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1999, 65 Minutes (13 x 5 minute episodes)

These enchanting five-minute tales bring to life stories of how some of Australia's native animals came to look the way they do, and why the moon and the stars appear in the sky. Presented by Aboriginal storytellers, these beautifully illustrated stories use dynamic computer animation based on drawings by Aboriginal children from Western Australia to tell traditional legends in an imaginative and colourful way.


Dove and the Mountain Devil, The A tale of how two good friends broke up and had their appearances changed because they were competing with each other instead of working together.

Why the Echidna has Quills The Noongar people and the echidna used to be very good friends, until the echidna lost the trust of the Noongars. The echidnas were punished and have had long quills ever since.

Younger and Maak (Kangaroo and Moon) A big kangaroo loses his friends because of his boastful ways. He makes friends with the moon and they both learn some valuable lessons. A traditional Aboriginal Dreaming story from southwest Western Australia.

Emu, the Brolga and the Eagle, The Two good friends, the emu and the brolga, both love the eagle. They fight for his affection to the detriment of all three. A traditional Dreaming story from the Djaru tribe in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

Kingfisher Tribe, The The story of how the Kingfisher tribe spread to different areas but how they are still easily recognised because of their dimples.

Story of the Southern Cross, The A group of girls sent on a special errand disobey instructions and are blown up into the sky to join the stars. One version of a traditional Aboriginal story about how the Southern Cross came into being and why it is different from other stars.

How the Numbat Got Stripes and the Chudich Got Spots Two short tales about how some animals got to look the way they do. The first tells how the numbat’s desire to look more beautiful didn’t work out the way she hoped. The second tells how the Chudich got white spots on his side.

Trials of Yorna, The, Two short stories about how Yorna the bobtail lizard, who once was very poisonous and had very sharp eyes, lost his special powers.

Moon Stories (Meeak Mia and Wilara) These two stories tell how the moon found a home among the stars in the sky and how a grumpy old man became the man in the moon.

Three Springs (The Story of Cooking) An exciting adventure story about how the Noongar people got fire, how the bronze wing pigeon got red whiskers near their beaks and how a special place came to be called Three Springs.

Legend of Kwilena, The One summer’s day the dophins in the ocean and the Noongar people became very good friends. The dolphins helped the Noongars to catch lots of fish. The Noongars now know when to go to the ocean to meet the dolphins.

Why Parrots Have Different Colours One poor parrot survived a crisis to become the most beautiful bird of his tribe. The other parrots tried to copy him and all ended up with different coloured feathers.

Waitj and the Djindong When Waitj the emu was blown up into the sky, she had to find a new home. It wasn’t easy. The stars let her camp with them but there was a price to pay.

Gripping Films and Graphics and The Western Australia Aboriginal Media Association. Produced with the assistance of SBS Independent for Creative Nation. Produced in association with the Australian Film Commission, ScreenWest, the Lotteries Commission of Western Australia and SBS Independent.


Producer: Patricia Evans

Director: Todd Williams

Narrators: Stephen (Baamba) Albert, Vanessa Elliott, Jodi Hoffmann, Lynette Narkle, Carol Petterson

Year: 1999

Running Time: 13 X 5 minute episodes

Classification: G

Region: 0

Curriculum Links: Aboriginal Mythology; Art and Design; Culture, Myth and Symbolism; Australian Curriculum English Years 3 and 4 - Australian Dreamtime Stories Unit; Indigenous Studies.


Storymakers: Percy Trezise and Dick Roughsey

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