Friday 10 May @ 6pm | LA RELIGIEUSE

Cinema Reborn

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Cinema Reborn
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FRI 10 MAY @ 6PM | Arc Cinema | All Tickets $10
1966 | TBC | 135 mins | FRANCE | D: Jacques Rivette

In 18th century France a young woman (Anna Karina) is sent to a convent against her will. When she asks to renounce her vows she finds herself caught in a fatal trap. Banned upon release, Rivette’s riveting drama remains a cornerstone of the French new wave. This glorious 4K restoration was made from the original negative under the supervision of his widow, returning the film to Cannes 52 years after its original premiere in competition.

‘It writhes with almost uncontainable surges of anger, lust, and distress’ – The New Yorker



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