Friday 21 Sept @ 7pm | In Discussion: Heath Ledger in ROAR

Heath Ledger: A Life in Pictures

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In Discussion: Heath Ledger in Roar
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In Discussion: Heath Ledger in Roar

Friday 21 September @ 7pm | Arc Cinema | $10 All Tickets

Television audiences love sword-and-sandals tales and in the late 1990s it (briefly) appeared that Aussie-filmed US series Roar would take the crown from shows like Hercules and Xena: Warrior Princess. At only 17, Heath Ledger led an international cast in this story about the 4th Century Irish fighting their Roman oppressors. We talk with series production designer Stewart Burnside about the series and Heath’s entry into the international marketplace.

Screening: Roar. Ep 7. ‘The Spear of Destiny’ [PG, 50mins] D: Jefery Levy W: Michael Nankin. Aired August 25, 1997.


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