Friday 24 Aug @ 7pm | REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE

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Rebel Without a Cause

Friday 24 August, 7pm | Arc Cinema | All Tickets $10
1955 | M | 111 mins | USA | D: Nicholas Ray

In the film that cemented James Dean as the enduring cultural icon of youth and rebellion while creating the now-iconic look of the teen genre with his white tee-shirt, blue Lee jeans and red blouson jacket, Rebel Without A Cause continues to hit on impact. A critique on post-war juvenile delinquency and parental moral decay, the film was hugely influential following its release and went on to redefine the way in which young men could be portrayed in popular culture. Also starring Sal Mineo and Natalie Wood, the film garnered three Academy Award nominations and remains a constant fixture on international rankings of greatest films nearly 65 years later.


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