Friday 4 January @ 3pm | ANIMAL KINGDOM

Aussie Outlaws

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Animal Kingdom

Friday 4 January, 3pm | Arc Cinema | All Tickets $10
2010 | MA15+ | 113mins | Australia| D: David Michôd

When a teenager is given to the care of his grandmother (Jackie Weaver) he must navigate the nest of vipers that is her family home. Michôd’s hard and heartbreaking film spawned the terrific US TV series and gave Jackie Weaver a late-career shot of international adrenaline.

"Animal Kingdom is an art house crime saga that will put your heart in your mouth, a moody, brooding, modern-day film noir (…) Faultlessly acted by top Australian talent, including Guy Pearce, Ben Mendelsohn and Jacki Weaver, "Animal Kingdom" marries heightened emotionality with cool contemporary style.” The Los Angeles Times


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