Just Australian Planes

Just Australian Planes

This is a program for anyone who has ever been touched by the magic of flying-whether as a member of a flying profession, of the Defence Forces or as a hobby. Compiled from the Film Australia Collection's unique store of aviation films, this program contains extraordinary footage of different kinds of aircraft and of the people who flew or fly them.

Presented by Aden Wickes, a QANTAS pilot and aviation enthusiast, the compilation of archival films is interspersed with small linking segments to introduce the films.

Total Compilation: 1988, 109 mins

Box Kite to Swing Wing

1977, 17 minutes - abridged

This updated version of the program RAAF Heritage looks at the Royal Australian Air Force from its formation in World War One, when flying machines were constructed from wood and canvas, to the amazing F-111s, a triumph of aerodynamic science. Full 28 minute version also available

History of Progress in Three Decades of Australian Aviation - Australian Diary No.108

1959, 6 minutes

This Australian Diary episode looks back over 30 years of Australian commercial aviation. Contrasting the modern Kingsford Smith Airport at Sydney with the early collection of hangars and buildings that existed in the early 1930s, the film covers the pioneers of the early air services and the aircraft they flew.

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C1970, 30 seconds

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The Ships that Flew

1974, 20 minutes - abridged

A tribute to the golden era of flying boats that ended in 1974 with the cessation of the last scheduled service from Sydney to Lord Howe Island. Drawing on remarkable archival footage, the film captures the romance of these magnificent machines, including hard-working Catalinas, Sunderlands and luxurious Solents that were the flagships of the tourism market, and remembers the legendary men who took to the skies in the ships that flew. Full 47 minute version also available

War Experience (No.3) The Australian Airman 1939-1945

1967, 18 mins - abridged

The role of the Royal Australian Air Force in World War Two is portrayed through original footage of war operations and support services. Includes air raids and battles in Europe, the Middle East and in New Guinea and the Pacific. Full 27 minute version also available as part of the War Experience 4-part series (108 mins)

Camden Museum of Aviation

1988, 2 mins

A brief look at Harold Thomas and his private aviation museum in NSW.

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C 1970, 1 minute

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1975, 11 minutes

From the Outlook series, Icarus shows us two forms of gliding. From hang gliders flying off cliffs and sand dunes, to glider-planes. An intriguing film, set to a modern electronic music soundscape and without narration.

Ligeti Stratos

1988, 3 minutes

The emerging style of Ultralight single seater planes is briefly profiled, looking specifically at the radical new design of the innovator Charles Ligeti's Stratos.

The Team

1977, 13 minutes

An RAAF promotional film showing how all arms of the Air Force work together with Army and Navy as a team. Starting with student pilots and jumping to the expertise of acrobatic flying team The Roulettes, key planes are shown in their operational training situations, including Hercules and Caribou transports, Orion maritime patrols, Iroquois and Chinook helicopters, and Mirage and F-111 jet fighters.

Australian F/A-18 Hornet

1986, 10 minutes

A promotional film by aircraft manufacturer McDonnell Douglas Ltd showing great detail about the design and capabilities for the new F/A-18 Hornet fighter jet. It covers the delivery and final assembly of the Hornet in Australia for use by the RAAF.

Power Hang Gliders

1988, 2 minutes

Aden Wickes shows off his new hobby of power hang-gliding while signing off.

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