Niagara's Gold

Niagara\'s Gold

1994, 47 Minutes. Classification: G.

Narrated by renowned actor, Sam Neill, this is the epic story of the greatest gold salvage in history.

In 1940, the Bank of England tried to ship eight tons of gold to America to buy arms for Britain. The ship, the 'RMS Niagara', hit a German mine and sank off New Zealand. Its salvage was arranged by one man, who invented a way of working 600 feet underwater. He assembled a motley crew, re-floated a rusty ship and sailed into the middle of the minefield to search for the 'Niagara'. This film includes the original footage shot during the 1941 salvage by American cinematographer JM Leonard.

© 1994 Bacon Town Films. Distributed by the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia.


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