Secrets of the Jury Room


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2004, 52 Minutes

Enter the normally closed world of the jury room to discover how juries really work.

In Secrets of the Jury Room, two juries decide the fate of the accused in a murder case. The case is fictional, but highly realistic. On trial is a young gay Lebanese man who is accused of killing his terminally ill lover. A retired Supreme Court judge presides over real barristers, expert witnesses and court personnel.

However, unlike real-life courts, we are able to observe the jurors reaching their decisions. Two juries - each of twelve people of various ages and backgrounds - take part in this unique experiment. As we watch them grapple with both the evidence and the moral issues, we see how personalities and prejudices can affect the process of the law.

The result is a thought-provoking insight into the inner workings of the jury system.

A 220 Production. Financed by Film Finance Corporation Australia. Produced in association with SBS Independent. Distributed by the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia.

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Director: Aviva Ziegler

Year: 2004

Running Time: 52 Minutes

Classification: PG. Consumer Advice: Adult themes, low-level coarse language.

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