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1991, 55 Minutes

This enlightening film looks at the most maligned and misunderstood illness in history - schizophrenia - the mysterious illness that still has no known cause or cure. One in a hundred people will develop schizophrenia at some time in their lives - but what do we know about this mysterious illness which fills more hospital beds than any other illness?

Spinning Out is unlike any other film on the subject. It speaks directly to the experts - people with schizophrenia. We meet Simon, a consumer advocate and artist and Jay, a mathematical physicist. Jay describes the experience of schizophrenia - seeing blood coming from the tape and hearing voices in the television. His daughter Susan, also has schizophrenia. The program talks to parents who are coming to grips with schizophrenia in the family and looks at the breakthroughs in self help groups and community care. Spinning Out is the story of daily heroic struggles with the most maligned and misunderstood illness in history.

Copyright © Anne Deveson Productions and the Australian Film Finance Corporation.
Distributed by the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia.

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Producer/Director: Anne Deveson

Writers: Anne Deveson; Chris Pip

Year: 1991

Running Time: 55 Minutes

Classification: G

Region: 0

Curriculum Links: Biomedical Science; Mental Health (Nursing); TAFE Certificate IV in Mental Health; Psychiatry; Psychology; Human Services; Social Work.


Australian Biography: Anne Deveson

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