Sun 22 Sept @ 2pm | BLACK CAT MANSION

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Sat 22 Sept @ 2pm | BLACK CAT MANSION
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SUN 22 SEPT @ 2PM | Arc Cinema
1958 | TBC | 69 mins | Japan | D: Nobuo Nakagawa
In this nonlinear ghost story that mixes black and white and colour footage, Dr Kuzumi and his wife Yoriko relocate from the city to the countryside for a healthier environment to help cure Yoriko's illness. Not long after moving into the old mansion that serves as their new home and clinic,Yoriko has uneasy feelings about her new abode which soon becomes confirmed by frightening apparitions of a haggard old woman. As the visitations become more frequent and threatening, the couple learn about the mansion's violent history and a curse that was placed on Yoriko's ancestor.


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