Sun on the Stubble


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1996, Total Running Time 288 Minutes (6 x 48 Minutes)

This six-part drama is based on four novels by award-winning Australian children's author Colin Thiele - Sun On The Stubble, The Valley Between, Uncle Gustav's Ghosts and The Shadow On The Hills.

Shot entirely on location in South Australia, it tells the story of Bruno Gunther, a 14-year-old boy from a German immigrant family growing up in a small wheat farming community during the 1930s. While his father preaches the virtues of hard work on the farm, Bruno manages to find all sorts of opportunities for mischief and dangerous exploits as he explores the world around him. Through his adventures, Bruno comes to appreciate and understand more about himself and about the community of the valley that surrounds and nurtures him. Bruno finally earns the respect of his father, but also faces the prospect of leaving his family, friends and eccentric relatives to pursue his education in the city.

Produced by Film Australia in association with the Australian Film Finance Corporation, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, ZDF Enterprises and ZDF.

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Director: Robert Marchand

Featured People: Christian Kohlund (Marcus Gunther/Dad), Susan Lyons (Anna Gunther/Mum), Jamie Croft (Bruno Gunther).

Year: 1996

Total Running Time: 288 Minutes

Classification: PG. Consumer advice: Low level violence.

Region: 0

Curriculum Links: Australian Studies, English, Ethics, HSIE/SOSE, PDHPE. Level: upper primary to lower secondary.


Storymakers: Colin Thiele

Migrant Experience, The

Let the Balloon Go


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