SUN 6 DECEMBER | 2:15PM | Arc cinema | FREE 





SUN 6 DECEMBER | 2.15PM | Arc cinema | FREE 

2004 |18+ | 103mins |35MM| JAPAN | D: Masaaki Yuasa  



Robin Nishi is a 20-year-old with little going for him besides his dream of becoming a manga artist. One day, he runs into his childhood crush Myon and begins to reminisce about what could have been, but his sad life is cut tragically short when he is shot and killed by a yakuza loan shark. Instead of moving on to the great beyond, Nishi’s death gives him a fresh perspective and a new lease on life. 


What ensues is a psychedelic comedy road trip that takes Nishi and Myon inside the belly of a gigantic whale, with uncanny sequences and montages offering insight into the background of the various characters. 


Mind Game is the directorial debut from Masaaki Yuasa, introducing his surreal, unconventional style and distinct colour palettes to viewers around the world. His artistry shines in his presentation of complex themes through unique visuals, which set the stage for his future feature films.  



2005 Fantafestival 

Winner, Best Film - Masaaki Yuasa 

Winner, Best Director - Masaaki Yuasa (ex aequo with Gen Sekiguchi for Survive Style 5+) 

Winner, Best Script - Masaaki Yuasa 

Winner, Special Award for Visual Accomplishment 


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