Digital File Prices

Digital file prices listed below.







Primary schools, youth centres, migrant and indigenous resource centres, community groups, local film societies

Secondary schools, TAFE and vocational education colleges, local government, community health centres, hospital, welfare organisations

Universities, business, training organisations, museums, art galleries, government departments, ACOFS state offices

For home viewing

Up to 70 minutes





71 - 121 minutes





Over 121 minutes





Over 121 minutes




$65.00 (selected Series' only)


Freight and Handling: $12 FTP delivery.


For Australian customers, prices are in Australian dollars and inclusive of GST (Goods and Services Tax). The NFSA uses a tiered pricing structure based on the intended primary usage of the program by the customer. If you are uncertain of your category, contact NFSA's Sales and Distribution. 

How to order

You can place also your order via email or mail. Telephone credit card orders are also accepted. Account customers may submit an official purchase order. Non–account customers please send payment with order. Delivery is generally within 10 days of receipt of order for Australian customers.



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Telephone: +61 2 8202 0100

Terms and conditions

All orders are accepted on a firm sale basis. Refunds are not available. The NFSA reserves the right to reasonably determine the price category of each and any customer. All goods remain the property of the NFSA until paid for in full. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Placement of an order shall signify acceptance of these terms and conditions.


For Category A, B and C use, the NFSA grants a non-exclusive, non-theatric licence which grants the right to screen the program for educational or internal organisation use. Customers who purchase programs at the Category A, B, C or Home Viewer price do not have public performance rights to the program. Public performance is defined as any publicly advertised screening to a paying or non paying audience.

For terms and conditions for public performance rights, retail distribution and broadcast and VOD licensing, contact NFSA's Sales and Distribution.

From 1st July 2018, freight charges will apply for orders from retailers, public libraries and library suppliers.

Copyright notice

Programs may only be used for purposes indicated by the purchase price paid. Programs may not be edited, duplicated, broadcast, transmitted by cable or otherwise transmitted by any multi-receiver, open or closed circuit system, whether or not admission is charged, without prior written permission from the NFSA. Any contravention of these restrictions may be regarded as a breach of copyright and may lead to prosecution.