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1990, 59 Minutes

Aboriginality is a key issue facing all Australians but it is an exceedingly complex one and potentially divisive. The focus on Aboriginal identity in this program aims to stimulate deeper understanding of Aboriginality, the attitudes of non-Indigenous Australians towards Indigenous people, racism in Australia (both individual and institutional/systemic) and the changes needed in attitude and action to achieve justice.

To weave these issues into a coherent whole, the filmmakers have drawn on the unifying symbols found in the Aboriginal flag: red (land and politics), black (identity and self-determination) and yellow (art and spirituality). These themes are not all separate. They are interlinked. Just as in the Dreaming, everything is related and part of a larger picture.

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Director: Michael Brogan, Darrell Sibasado

Narrator: Annette Shun Wah

Year: 1990

Running Time: 59 Minutes

Classification: G

Curriculum Links: English K–10 Syllabus: Stage 5 - Insights into Aboriginal experiences in Australia, Historical, Prejudice and Racism; Indigenous Studies; Law; Legal/Justice studies; SOSE/HSIE.


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