Accentuate the Positive


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1989, 52 Minutes.

Accentuate the Positive is a program for people who work directly with the aged in nursing homes.

This program examines the attitudes that influence the way nursing staff feel about the residents they work with and the ways in which they communicate with the aged on a daily basis. Designed like a workshop, the program consists of five segments. Each is followed by questions to stimulate group discussion. Topics covered include moving into a nursing home, understanding needs, meeting needs and communicating, relating to people, and activity and everyday life.

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Writer/Producer: Gina Twyble

Year: 1989

Running Time: 52 Minutes

Featured People: Residents and staff of the James Milson Nursing Home

Classification: Exempt from classification

Curriculum Links: TAFE/VET courses in Health and Aged Services, Residential Care; Transitions in Ageing, Mental Health Nursing, Bachelor of Nursing, Health Services Management.

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