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1953, 10 Minutes

The bush policeman’s beat in the vast, isolated inland of northern Australia takes him through strange and sometimes unmapped places “to preserve law and order on the fringes of civilisation”. In the Northern Territory a force of 80 men cover an expanse of half a million square miles. A single policeman may control an area as large as some European countries.

It’s a varied and vital role, and there’s always a drama to be resolved. From transferring sick people by canoe to the community hospital, to bringing in outlying law breakers to the magistrate’s court in Darwin, and fixing broken bores - life is never dull for the bush policeman. He is always accompanied by his valued Aboriginal 'black trackers', who also train and take care of the horses that are the main method of transport for getting around this rugged country.

© 2011 National Film and Sound Archive of Australia.





Director: Lee Robinson

Year: 1953

Running Time: 10 Minutes

Classification: Exempt from classification

Curriculum Links: Australian History - of particular relevance for NSW History Stage 5, Topic 6 'Changing Rights and Freedoms' Section A: Aboriginal Peoples - Change over Time; Australian Indigenous Studies; English - 'Identity, Place and Culture'; HSIE (Aboriginal Studies Stage 6); Policing Studies 'Indigenous Issues in Policing'.


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