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1988, 60 Minutes

How do we gain a sense of self, a unique identity that separates us from others? Are we born with the customs and values of a society or are they learned? What factors interact to influence our development through successive stages of life? To what extent do we determine our own progress? What special factors have influenced Australians in the past? How have these changed over time? How will they change in the future?

This program examines these important questions in five themes. The First Years looks at how the family builds the foundations for a child’s future life. Passing on Knowledge shows how friends, peers, media and school - cultural subgroups - become increasingly important to children as they get older. Pressures on Adolescence examines this testing transitional time. Learning About Relationships considers how and why different relationships form and develop. And the importance of remaining engaged with life no matter what age, is the message in Learning - A Life-Long Challenge.

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Director: Greg Reading

Presenter: Annette Shun Wah

Year: 1988

Running Time: 60 Minutes

Classification: Exempt from classification

Curriculum Links: Aged Care; Community and Family Studies; Counselling; Psychology; Personal Development; PDHPE, SOSE/HSIE; Youth, Family and Parenting Studies; Early Childhood Education; History; Transition in Ageing


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