Jazz Notes (1949) Fourth Australian Jazz Convention


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Inaugurated in Melbourne in 1946, the Australian Jazz Convention is the world's first and most enduring annual jazz event. From the first event in 1946, in a country regionalised by distance, the AJC has maintained cohesion and continuity for the postwar national revivalist jazz movement. Over its first 50 years, the handful of bands at the first AJC has grown to over 300, with musicians and delegates often exceeding one thousand.

Apart from programmed bands, there is continuous informal jam session activity. It thus expresses the spirit of a loose community of musicians and audiences who themselves are largely interchangeable, rather than a formal, creative blueprint.

All the recordings were made in the period from Monday 26 December to Friday 30 December 1949. The titles given are sometimes simply rough guides to a chord sequence or as recorded in handwritten notes at the time. Personnel listings are based on a combination of concert announcements; contemporary written sources and Jack Mitchell's Australian Jazz Discography 1925-80; recollections of those present; and aural evidence as interpreted by Bruce Johnson and Bill Haesler. Any corrections would be most gratefully received.


1. There'll Be Some Changes Made (Overstreet, Higgins) 3'03"
2. The Beefeater (R Bell) 3'08"
3. Mobile Bay (Stewart/Ellington) 4'43"
4. Mood Indigo (Ellington) 5'35"
5. High Society (Steele) 3'00"
6. A Rag 2'35"
7. Tell The Boys You Saw Me (Monsbourgh) 3'30"
8. Blues 4'04"
9. E Flat Blues 6'52"
10. When My Sugar Walks Down The Street (Austin, McHugh, Mills) 3'42"
11. Blues In E flat 3'10"
12. Somebody Loses, Somebody Wins (Johnson) 2'28"
13. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams (Barris, Koehler, Moll) 2'41"
14. What Makes Me Love You So (Longshaw, Williams) 4'19"
15. Singin' The Blues (Robinson, Conrad) 3'31"
16. Fast Piano Blues 1'48"
17. Royal Garden Blues (Williams) 4'19"
18. Clarinet Feature 2'04"
19. Careless Love 5'42"
20. Momma Don't Allow 3'17"


Producers: Bruce Johnson in conjunction with the National Film and Sound Archive

Year: 1998

Curriculum Links: Contemporary Australian Society; Composition and Musicology; Music; Music, Culture and Society; Performing Arts; Performance/Improvisation.


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