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1980, 27 Minutes

A study of the various styles of Aboriginal rock art found in Kakadu National Park and Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory.

The film is narrated by a world authority on this subject, the late George Chaloupka, a field anthropologist who worked with the Museum and Art Galleries Board of the Northern Territory.

He takes the audience on a trip to the park and explains the background to some of the unique and beautiful rock paintings to be found in this area. Aboriginal legends and environmental heritage are also discussed.

A Film Australia Program. © 2011 National Film and Sound Archive of Australia.


Land of the Lightning Brothers, The


Director: David Roberts

Introduced by Professor Manning Clark

Year: 1980

Running Time: 27 Minutes

Classification: Exempt from classification

Curriculum Links: Aboriginal Mythology, Australian History, Visual Arts, SOSE/HSIE, Cultural Studies,  Indigenous Studies, Studies of Religion, English.


Australian Biography: Bill Harney


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