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1988, 98 Minutes

A docu-drama that portrays stories of discrimination experienced by two young women from different backgrounds.

Prejudice combines the use of actors and real people - in this provocative drama, officers of the Anti-Discrimination Board, union representatives and members of the legal profession play themselves.

The first story concerns Jessica, a stills photographer, who becomes the first female photographer on a metropolitan newspaper. Jessica's outstanding talent quickly brings a promotion which causes resentment among her colleagues. A campaign of harassment ensues which forces Jessica to fight back.

The second story concerns Leticia, a Filipino nurse whose qualifications are disregarded by her employers. Despite her dedication and professionalism some patients object to being cared for "by an Asian". Leticia is constantly humiliated by the racist views aired by some of her colleagues. When her application for a promotion is dismissed, she decides it is time to take a stand.

In a dramatic build up, each woman chooses to confront her crisis. One attempts to find a negotiated settlement; the other fights an intense court battle.

A Film Australia production. © 2011 National Film and Sound Archive of Australia.


Director: Ian Munro

Featured People: Grace Parr (as nurse Leticia), Patsy Stephen (as Jessica)

Year: 1988

Running Time: 98 Minutes

Classification: PG. Adult concepts, Occasional coarse language.

Curriculum Links: Anti-Racism Training; Women's Health and Human Rights; Law - Discrimination in the Workplace; Legal Studies; PDHPE - of particular relevance for NSW PDHPE Stage 5, Strand 1 'Self and Relationships'; Work Education; Women's Studies.


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