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1987, Total Running Time 35 Minutes (7 x 5 Minutes)

A series of seven five-minute shorts directed by women, made to celebrate Australia’s Bicentenary in 1988, depicting Australian women’s achievements and contributions to the social and welfare development of our country.

The programs look at the sombre history of Aboriginal women since European colonisation through dance, voice and photographs. The previously unsung praises of women who pioneered the outback are orchestrated, and the stories of those who worked for war and peace are told. Women reminisce about fashion. The management skills and versatility of the housewife are saluted. The adventurers, and those who have accomplished achievements in science and technology are recognised.

Watch Out Through dance, voice and photographs, the confident, personal story of a talented young Aboriginal dancer is interwoven with the sombre history of Aboriginal women since European colonisation of Australia.

Breaking Through Through a montage of archival and modern images the achievements of Australian women are celebrated—from the harshness of the early pioneering days of isolation and lack of political power to the freedom of choices in work and leisure that are experienced today.

Up In Arms During World Wars One and Two, women served in the Army, the Airforce, the factories and on the farms; and they kept the home fires burning. Women have fought to win the wars and they also have battled for peace.

Home Truths The management skills and versatility of the housewife and mother are inspiring, yet the quality and importance of this achievement is often underrated. This is a salute to the Australian housewife.

Fitting Image With humour and insight, women reminisce about fashion and describe how they flaunted, followed or thumbed their noses at clothing styles over the years.

Egg Heads Since the 1880s women have sought to achieve status and influence in science and technology. Egg Heads shows Australian women’s wide range of diverse roles in the development of science and technology.

Fire Eaters They fly, they swing, they climb, they test themselves in all kinds of situations—the adventurous women who perform daring physical deeds. For some it's a job, for others it's a passion and for the lone yachtswoman who circumnavigated the world, it was a dream come true.

A Film Australia Production. Fully funded by the Bicentennial Women's Program of The Australian Bicentennial Authority.
© 2011 National Film and Sound Archive of Australia.


Directors: Tracey Moffat, Christina Wilcox, Anna Grieve, Mary Callaghan, Kris Wyld, Liz Stroud, Ruth Cullen, Jinks Dulhunty.

Narrators: Banduk Marika (voiceover), Pam McFadden (voiceover), Pam McDonald, Penne Hackforth-Jones, Jim Downes, Peggy Williams, Dorothy Hill, Jean Scott, Faith Bandler.

Featured People: Gail Mabo (lead dancer), Gary Lang, Jasmine Gulash, Marilyn Miller, Illona Tim, Julia de Plater, Cecily Backhouse, Michael Cassin, Gail Noe, Maria Penna, Josie Tyson, Mary Snepp, Alison Snepp, Susan Smith, Megan Wyld, Rosie Wyld, Dossie Carter, Terry Carter, Jean Carter, Judy Carter, Mandy Wagstaff, Linda Demint, Colleen Clifford, Heidi Ruch, Aruna Ramrakha, Rosemary Sinclair, Eve Kavanagh, Paula Dawson, Kathy Foley, Dr Julia James, Jill Scott, Isobel Bennett, Zenda Graves, Ann Gash, Margaret Hemphill, Jane Watson, Elaine Ballston.

Year: 1987

Total Running Time: 35 Minutes

Classification: Exempt from classification

Curriculum Links: Indigenous Studies; Studies of Society and the Environment; NSW History Stage 5, Topic 6 'Changing Rights and Freedoms' Section C: Women - Change over Time; English K-10 'Insights into Aboriginal experiences in Australia'; Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies; Civics & Citizenship; Performing Arts.


Breakthrough SERIES

I, Myself SERIES                                                   

Storymakers: The Illustrators

Australian Biography: Freda Brown

Australian Biography: Betty Churcher




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