Dad and Dave from Snake Gully Vol. 1


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Total Running Time 147 Minutes, 12 Episodes (approx 12 mins each)

DAD AND DAVE FROM SNAKE GULLY first went to air in 1937. In a quintessential Australian drama, these archetypal characters displayed a recognisable brand of bush humour which the public lapped up.

Created by radio actor and producer George Edwards the series ran for 16 years - an astonishing 2,276 episodes - finishing shortly after Edward's death in 1953. Known also as the 'Man with a thousand voices', Edwards voiced the part of Dad Rudd, along with up to 10 other characters! Dave was played by John Saul, and Mum was played by Nell Stirling (Co-creator of Dad and Dave from Snake Gully, and married to George Edwards).


6 episodes from 1939 - episodes 334, 335, 341, 342, 343, 344

A bushfire threatens the community of Snake Gully.

Dad, Dave and Alf plan a fishing trip.

Dave and Mabel get engaged.   


6 episodes from 1941 - episodes 533,534,535,537,538,539

Christmas shopping

Working bee

Christmas Day in Snake Gully


Producer/Lead Actor: George Edwards

Year: 2001

Total Running Time: 147 Minutes

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