Dad and Dave from Snake Gully Vol. 2


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Total Running Time 147 Minutes, 12 Episodes (approx 12 mins each)

DAD AND DAVE FROM SNAKE GULLY first went to air in 1937. In a quintessential Australian drama, these archetypal characters displayed a recognisable brand of bush humour which the public lapped up.

Created by radio actor and producer George Edwards the series ran for 16 years - an astonishing 2,276 episodes - finishing shortly after Edward's death in 1953. Known also as the 'Man with a thousand voices', Edwards voiced the part of Dad Rudd, along with up to 10 other characters! Dave was played by John Saul, and Mum was played by Nell Stirling (Co-creator of Dad and Dave from Snake Gully, and married to George Edwards).


2 episodes from 1937; 4 episodes from 1944 - episodes 123,124,779,781,782,783

Dad is feeling ill and consults a medical encyclopedia.

Dad and Bill Smith both have measles and are trying Mum's patience.

Meanwhile Dave and Mabel's twins are to be christened and Dad and Bill will miss out on the celebrations.

Dad and Bill disobey Mum's diet instructions and things go very wrong.


6 episodes from 1940-1944 -  704,706,709,717,720,721

The running of the annual Snake Gully Cup!

Annie and Alf have a ball at their new home.


Producer/Lead Actor: George Edwards

Year: 2001

Total Running Time: 147 Minutes

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