Film Australia's Australia: Living Together


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1988, 60 Minutes

Deals with social interaction and explores the themes of the individual and society.

At the moment of birth, each one of us emerges unknowingly into a complex web of social relationships. Very much a part of this intricate maze, most of us spend the rest of our lives exploring its patterns, seeking meaning in endless connections, striving for harmony and constantly adapting to change after change.

Living Together shows individuals and groups interacting within Australian society The first theme - The Individual and Society - explores this interconnectedness. The second looks at prejudice, discrimination, social inequality, stereotypes, racism, minority groups and people living with disabilities. Resolving Our Differences considers why conflicts arise and how they can be resolved. Working Together focuses on groups that are formed for specific purposes and how they can achieve their goals, and the final theme looks at how individuals create cultural change.

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Director: Greg Reading

Presenter: Annette Shun Wah

Year: 1988

Running Time: 60 Minutes

Classification: Exempt from classification

Curriculum Links: Australian Curriculum: English K-10 'Insights into Aboriginal experiences in Australia'; NSW English: 'Belonging', 'Exploring Connections', 'Identity, Place and Culture'; Conflict Resolution; Loss and Grief Studies; Disability Studies; Cultural Studies; SOSE/HSIE; Indigenous Australian Studies; Australian History; HSIE (Aboriginal Studies Stage 6); PDHPE Stage 5, Strand 1 'Self and Relationships'; Philosophy and Ethics; SOSE.


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