Remembering Rain


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2005, 55 Minutes

In the face of the worst drought on record, rural Australians are being forced to question the very viability of farming in the driest inhabited continent on earth.

Remembering Rain introduces us to the people of central western NSW and offers us a glimpse into their lives, their hopes and their fears as they attempt to weather the crisis. We follow their lives as they move through the annual cycle of shearing, sheep sales and race meets, and make plans for what they’ll do if the rains come - and what will happen if they don’t.

Many graziers have gambled their dreams on the chance of rain - and cracks are starting to show in more than just the parched earth. These are tough times for families on the land. Prices are low, expenses high. After more than three years without useful rain, many are deep in debt and considering cutting their losses and selling up.

But who would want to buy in this climate? And what is happening to the communities left behind? Could this be the end of an era? It’s a predicament that many farmers are facing with wry humour, pragmatism, even stubborn optimism. The survivors are fighting to stay on the land they love, but there are difficult decisions to be made.

 Remembering Rain also provides a broader perspective, as it explores the environmental and economic forces that are having such a dramatic effect on the social fabric of these communities.

Beautifully photographed, in turns funny and moving, this is an iconic portrait of a land and a character shaped by drought.

A Film Australia National Interest Program. © 2011 National Film and Sound Archive of Australia.


Director: Mandy Chang

Featured People: Peter Douglas, Danni Ward, Mark Ward, Alister Turner, Heather Turner, Paddy Quin, Rob Bolton, Jim O'Connor, Theo Wade, Rodney Robb, Paul Sydenham, George Harley, George Isbester, Pat Hurley, Peter Andrews, Angus Nivison.

Year: 2005

Running Time: 55 Minutes

Classification: Exempt from classification

Curriculum Links: Agriculture; Conservation, Land & Water Resources; Environmental Management & Sustainability; Environmental Studies; SOSE/HSIE.


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