I'm Still Here - Caring for People with Dementia


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1990, 57 Minutes

This is an educational program specifically produced to assist nursing care staff in understanding and caring for people with dementia. Supported by comprehensive notes the program analyses the changes that occur within the body and helps to explain how to communicate with people with altered behaviour.

Dementia is an illness that impairs brain functioning. There are many kinds of dementia. Alzheimers disease accounts for 50% of cases. The five segments of this program cover all aspects of the disease including the effect of the disease on the brain, practical tips on how to make the best of a patient and how to get the most out of nursing them.

Information is revealed through interviews with academics, with the families of victims of the disease and with team nursing staff. Families and nursing staff tell of their difficulties with clients and colleagues, and how they cope. Common problems of depression, wandering, changes in behaviour, agitation and aggression are dealt with as the later stages of the dementia develop. The program is presented by Georgie Parker (Home and Away; All Saints).

September is Dementia Awareness Month in Australia.

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Director: Susan MacKinnon

Narrators: Georgie Parker, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

Principal Cast: Colleen Clifford (Mrs Oakes), Pat Thomson (Rose), Angela Toohet (Wendy), Josephine Oliveri (Maria), John Grant (Ralph), Tessa Mallos (Director of Nursing) Cathren Michalak (Mrs Johnson & Mrs Morris). Mary Regan (Nurse), Jon Darling (Mr Powell)

Year: 1990

Runing Time: 57 Minutes

Classification: Exempt from classification

Curriculum Links: Nursing - Aged Care; Dementia Studies; Geriatrics; Gerontology


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