Muttaburrasaurus - Life in Gondwana


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1995, 27 Minutes

An animated film about an early Australia inhabited by our very own little known dinosaur, the Muttaburrasaurus.

One-hundred million years ago, as part of the great southern continent known as Gondwana (Australia, Antarctica, South America and parts of Africa), Australia was inhabited by a unique species of dinosaur - the Muttaburrasaurus. Evidence of this dinosaur has not been found anywhere else in the world.

Muttaburrasaurus - Life in Gondwana tells the story of a young dinosaur that becomes separated from its mother. As our young hero wanders through wooded and coastal areas, it encounters other Gondwana animals and reptiles, including flying pterosaurs and fearsome marine reptiles.

The film uses highly detailed and accurate models and an imaginative combination of animation and documentary footage to trace the existence of Muttaburrasaurus, revealing its habitat and behavioural patterns as well as intriguing information about the history and spread of dinosaurs in Australia and throughout the world.

It also takes us to rich fossil sites where dinosaur remains have been discovered and to the museums where the remains are researched.

© 2011 National Film and Sound Archive of Australia.



Directors: Graham Binding & Norman Yeend

Year: 1995

Running Time: 27 Minutes

Classification: G

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Brand Film Australia

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