Peter Berner's Loaded Brush


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2005, 56 Minutes

Stand-up comic and media presenter Peter Berner swaps banter for brushes in a serious bid for artistic acceptance - with cameras on hand to record the inspiration and anguish.

A former student of the National Art School, Peter has decided to tackle the subject he knows and loves best - himself - and enter a self-portrait into one of Australia’s highest profile art competitions - the Archibald Prize.

This one-hour documentary is a video diary of his endeavours, from blank canvas to judgement day, as Peter attempts to confront his fears and his own reflection and paint a decent picture (so as not to embarrass himself) and meet the deadline (entirely out of character). Along the way, he talks to fellow painters and critics about the creative process in general, the Archibald in particular and the rules of the game. And he receives some excruciatingly honest critiques of his work (and his vision of himself) from gallery director Edmund Capon, artists Wendy Sharpe and Euan Macleod (who have both succeeded in “getting hung” numerous times) and a trackside bookmaker whom Peter consults about his odds.

The result is characteristically irreverent and decidedly revealing.

A Film Australia National Interest Program. © 2011 National Film and Sound Archive of Australia.



Director/Co-writer: Edwina Throsby

Featured People: Edmond Capon, Jenny Sages, Bernard Ollis, Wendy Sharpe, Lewis Miller, Peter Churcher, Rick Amor, Euan McLeod, Charles Fairman, Kim Spooner, Martine Edmur, Bill Leak, Margarita Georgiadis, Max Cullen, Adam Cullen, Bruce Armstrong, Craig Ruddy, Stephen Peters.

Year: 2005

Running Time: 56 Minutes

Classification: M. Consumer advice: Moderate coarse language.

Curriculum Links: Art & Design, Visual Arts, Australian Studies, SOSE/HSIE, Media Studies and English.


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