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1982, Total Running Time 100 Minutes (5 x 20 Minutes)

A five-part series tracing the educational experiences of an upper primary school class as they learn about human reproduction and sexuality (Male and Female, Birth Day and Puberty), followed by a discussion between parents about their reactions and fears in allowing their children to participate in the course (The Parents). The two teachers who run the course talk about their own fears and expectations from this remarkable education program (The Teachers). 


Male and Female The children explore their concepts of ‘maleness’ and femaleness’ with their teachers, learning about anatomical differences, and the process of fertilisation and conception within the reproductive system. Learning methods vary from chart drawing and class discussion, to visiting animals in the zoo.

Birth Day The children learn about pregnancy, childbirth and child care. They visit hospitals and baby health centres, interview families and watch a film. The students' questions, concerns and reactions come to the fore.

Puberty The children discuss the process of puberty. Showing little embarrassment, they use anatomical terminology easily and are clearly very interested in the subject. Wet dreams and menstruation are the subject of special research for the classroom.

Parents, The Nine months after the children participated in the course, their parents discuss their own reactions to, and fears about, allowing their children to participate. Many reveal their own ignorance about sexuality and moral standards. Through their children participating in this course, the parents have also become more enlightened about these issues.

Teachers, The Two teachers who run the course on human reproduction talk about their own fears and bloopers whilst teaching the course. They emphasise the need to dispense with discipline problems, to use warm-up activities and develop a trusting relationship with the children before beginning. This is amply illustrated with real classroom situations. A remarkable training program.

A Film Australia Production. © 2011 National Film and Sound Archive of Australia.



Director/Writer: David Haythornthwaite

Featured People: Juliana Dartnell, Graham Collier, Stephanie Allen, Dino Brown, Belinda Burnett, Oliver Cozens, Simon Faithful, Rebecca Gladding, Monica Jansens, Vachira Karmolphachak, Eliza McInnes, Jason Marceau, Kirsty Meares, Mandy Pearce, Toby Smith, Michelle Taylor, Jackie Wansehers, Chris Wheeler, Daniel Wyllie.

Year: 1982

Total Running Time: 100 Minutes

Classification: Exempt from classification

Curriculum Links: HSIE, PDHPE, HPE, Education, Personal Development, Physical Education, Health and Human Relations, Human Services, Sex Education, Youth, family and parenting studies, Gender studies.


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