Opposite Sex, The


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1993, Total Running Time 220 Minutes (4 x 55 Minutes)

A four-part series that looks at the difference between men and women.

What is the real difference between men and women? This is one of the most ancient and teasing questions known to human kind. Using an entirely fresh approach, The Opposite Sex sets out to unravel the answer. This four-part series looks at men's and women's bodies, brains, emotions and behaviour. Using a combination of science, observation and opinion, it cuts through the sexual politics that usually surrounds the subject. It poses the most basic questions about the actual state of our current knowledge and beliefs about the difference between men and women.


Sex and Gender What you see isn’t always what you get when it comes to sex and sexuality.  In this episode everything we thought we knew about sex and gender is called into question.

Sex and Ability Is there such a thing as a male or female brain? Is it possible that evolution has given boys and girls certain abilities for their different roles? This episode examines the latest research on the brain and comes up with some surprising answers.

Sex and Emotion One of the most obvious differences between men and women is in the way they express emotion. This episode examines the complex interplay between hormones, experience and emotional behaviour. It poses the question:  in a world past the bomb, are we still unconsciously toughening our boys for hand to hand combat? And in a world past the pill, are our girls still being reared for a lifetime of childbearing?

Sex and Society When you study men and women alone it is very difficult to find any significant differences in their ability and emotional potential. Out in the world, however, the contrast between the sexes is striking. This episode traces the development of boys and girls from birth to discover how the gulf between masculine and feminine behaviour is created.

Australian Film Finance Corporation Pty Limited, Robin Hughes and Associates Pty Limited. © 2011 National Film and Sound Archive of Australia.


Directors: Robin Hughes & Ian Munro

Year: 1993

Total Running Time: 220 Minutes

Classification: PG. Classification Advice: Sexual References.

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